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Party Cookie Kit  
was born trademarked, the summer of 2001.  I sold party pails to realtors as "thank you for closing" gifts and to various individuals for parties, family reunions, and special events.

After the tragedies of 9/11, I reenlisted in the Army National Guard
, believing always in Peace Through Readiness and service.  Peace IS Patriotic!

With Nibble~Yer~Scribble (NYS) safely trademarked, I could attend to it only as time would allow. From the beginning, I wanted NYS to be a little cookie company with a BIG purpose -- I decided to organize NYS cookies for peace FUNdraising events in the CT public schools, where I worked full-time.  It was a big hit!  With the money raised selling single Scribble cookies, I purchased Peace Poles for 4 school campus in CT where students and staff could come together in celebration of all that is GOOD in humanity. V
isit  to learn about this non-sectarian organization and to order a Peace pole for your chosen school or other location. 

I made a commitment to FUNdraise and plant one new Peace Pole each year for the rest of my life!  It is so inspiring to see children carrying World flags in a procession of peaceful recognition for all sovereign nations and to share in celebrating the World Pea e Message.  There are over 200,000 Peace Poles in the world.  I was even able to dedicate a Peace Pole on the International Day of Peace, 2010, with the students at the Marefat School, Kabul, Afghanistan, during my deployment as a Medical Company Commander.  

Please consider supporting Nibble~Yer~Scribble and know that together we are supporting civility, positive communication and peace education in our Nation's public schools.  We remain open to mentors, angel investors and corporate sponsors.

May Peace Prevail On Earth                                           
~ caution, giggles under pressure!
The World Peace Prayer Society
is our choice benefactor
for 2% of ALL FUNds raised.

The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) ®
is a sovereign entity, independent of this effort. 

I am a
volunteer Peace Representative,
recognized by the WPPS,
due to my years of planning, planting and dedicating Peace Poles.

because we are also . . . cookies 4 peace ©
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